Feeling Guilty For My Son’s Death

  I know. I KNOW. Trust me, I have heard it from my husband, doctor, nurses, family and friends. My first-born child’s death at 18 weeks was not my fault. But I can’t help but feel that I am responsible. I didn’t do drugs. I didn’t eat a gallon of goat cheese. I didn’t have … Continue reading Feeling Guilty For My Son’s Death


Will Work For Wine

And I'm back. I would like to pretend that my blogging absence has been because Lena Dunham discovered me as her new bestie and we are frolicking through New York City with our pals Jessa, Marnie and of course Shoosh. But no. Instead I was laid off due to company downsizing and now slinging drinks … Continue reading Will Work For Wine


My 29th birthday is next week. I’d like a Botox party sponsored by Courtney Cox, better credit, wine, Ryan Gosling, back fat removal, a Roth IRA and a cotton candy machine. A girl can dream.