Will Work For Wine

And I'm back. I would like to pretend that my blogging absence has been because Lena Dunham discovered me as her new bestie and we are frolicking through New York City with our pals Jessa, Marnie and of course Shoosh. But no. Instead I was laid off due to company downsizing and now slinging drinks … Continue reading Will Work For Wine


Phasing the accent…

Long story short: Friday night at a bar I pretended to be British (thanks to my friend Jessica’s brilliant idea) and now my Australian/Jamaican accent is coming back to bite me. During this alcohol induced game, I ran into someone I hardly know but will be seeing them again tomorrow. To continue the accent or … Continue reading Phasing the accent…

You made your bed, now you have to lie in it.

An excerpt from the The Bar Chronicles…‘I have accepted the fact that being a female bartender working nights, things will happen. I also take pride in that I am careful and try to be prepared for anything, but last night was probably the hardest night I have ever had.A customer put in 45 minutes of … Continue reading You made your bed, now you have to lie in it.