The Hardest Part Of An Early Miscarriage

I never thought I would have two miscarriages and no baby at the age of 32. I didn't think lightening would strike twice but it did. Since the age of 18 I had been told my PCOS would make it difficult to have children. It was pounded into me at each yearly check up and I was … Continue reading The Hardest Part Of An Early Miscarriage

Gerald McRaney as Doctor K, Milo Ventimiglia as Jack (Photo by: Paul Drinkwater/NBC)

A Grieving Mom’s Thoughts On Last Night’s ‘This Is Us’

Spoiler Alert. Spoiler Alert. Spoiler Alert. Do not read this if you have not watched the first episode of the new television show, This Is Us. You have been warned so you can't be a jerk and complain I spoiled it for you. NBC's much anticipated show, This Is Us, tackled a subject that I have seen rarely in television. And boy, … Continue reading A Grieving Mom’s Thoughts On Last Night’s ‘This Is Us’

Waiting To Announce Your Pregnancy

Miscarriage isn't talked about. In fact, not talking about miscarrage starts when a woman finds out she is pregnant. Most women don't share with family and friends that they are pregnant until after they have reached 12 weeks. Why 12 weeks? That's the "safe zone". "Miscarriage risk drops as pregnancy progresses. The risk is highest early in the … Continue reading Waiting To Announce Your Pregnancy