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I am 32 years old and living in Colorado with my bearded husband and two old pups. We’ve had quite an interesting journey since the moment we met.

Growing up in Texas with a twin sister and less than stellar childhood, I grew a very snarky sense of humor. I went to college, made a lot of mistakes and graduated with a Journalism degree. Because you know…I wanted to be broke my whole life.

1005802_10103646986152394_1045612032_nWith living in Houston, dating, working full time and bartending part time, the sass grew in to a monster and I began to blog. Hence, Snarkybird.

Then about three years ago, I had gotten out of a relationship and was looking for blogging material. After a few glasses of wine, my friends convinced me to join Tinder to start blogging about bad dates.

So I set up five dates with five random guys. Bachelor number one bailed on me and rescheduled for a later date. He was going to be good material because his Stepford Wife requirement that I wear high heels on our first date.

A week later my date with bachelor number two was with a handsome guy from Wyoming that worked in college football. We met on a Tuesday night at an old pub in Rice Village. The last thing on my mind was finding ‘the one’. I texted my best friend the same night that I was going to marry him. Nine months later he popped the question. One year later we got married. Tah Dah!3_MillerFormals-101


Weeks after our wedding, this gulf coast gal headed to the mountains of Colorado for Chris to pursue a better opportunity with an amazing school, coaching staff and team.


Six months in to our wedded bliss, we were pleasantly surprised to find out I was pregnant with our first child. We were OVER the moon and in love with this creature. Eighteen weeks later I went in for my routine ultrasound and found no heartbeat. As one quote says: Then the trap door opened.

I delivered our son the following day at the hospital on March 30, 2016. James Alvin Miller’s heart had stopped beating at 16.5 weeks due to the umbilical cord wrapping around his neck.

We went from giddy newlyweds to grieving parents in a matter of seconds. My husband and I have both been through abuse, heart ache and loss of loved ones but this grief, is a grief we’ve never felt. 

Five months later we were ready to try again and we were successful. We were sure this was our rainbow baby. Ten weeks later, I miscarried at home on October 10, 2016. A little girl we named Iris. Another heartbreak.

We keep busy, we talk, we write, we pray and we play. Whatever we can do to heal, we do it. We keep up our spirits, goof around, laugh, dance, smile and love. But then there are moments when we can’t breathe, our days don’t seem to ever end and the weight of grief too much too handle and the tears don’t stop.

In between the happiness and sadness,  you can typically find us listening to music, attending festivals and sporting events. I like wine and whiskey and he likes anything with a cute umbrella… as much as he pretends he doesn’t.  We love to travel, cheer on our football teams, spend time w1480667_10104617561242134_610292140_nith our families and friends in Wyoming and Texas and making sure our dogs get enough belly rubs every hour, on the hour. I love to cook and pretend I’m really good at it. Ever since a summer spent in Australia studying the natural environment, I prefer the more green and organic life. I say this but then I’m also the girl that makes her own organic face cream but still wants to get Botox. Yeah, I confuse myself.

This is our journey through love and loss and all the stuff in between. -Heather + Chris


5 thoughts on “About SnarkyBird

  1. SnarkyBird says:

    Sorry you feel that way Kyle. I won’t be posting about Bush, shootin’ animals and all things ‘Merica for you, so I understand your lack of enthusiasm and support for this blog. However, I will post about beer, Aggies and food-the things we can agree on. Sorry we won’t be seeing you Friday. Miss ya 😉

  2. Kay says:

    I am beyond words for both of you and your bravery, courage and remarkable caring and loving hearts. Please know this is heartfelt and honest and I will pray for you both. May God Bless you and know that you are awesome parents in every sense of the word and one day may you hold a child at nine months and beyond to make you smile and be all he/she can be in your eyes! This is one of the most moving sites I’ve ever been on and all I got is wow!

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