Casting Call for The Bachelor

I was scrolling through my Facebook when I ran across this conversation from a long time ago. Erica has been the constant witty and awkward friend in my life. I know I can always count on her to use/exploit me for her own laughter and benefit. Hopefully I will be seeing this brat in July.

Erica: I need your stats yo.

Me: 27/f/houston/single.

Erica: Loser

Me: long walks on the beach and dogs.

Me: Define stats dummy.

Erica: Im looking.

Me: for what? Use complete sentences

Erica: Shut up.

Erica: weight?

Me: 99lbs.

Me: But what the hell are you asking me my weight for.

Erica: Do you have any children? what is your occupation title?

Erica: can I put “writer”?

Me: you are not signing me up for the bachelor are you?

Erica: what?

Me: Erica

Erica: what?

Me: Damnit Erica.

Me: You dbag.

Erica: You should read this essay.

Me: You wrote me an essay?

Erica: Yeah.

Me: I want to read it.

Erica: No, I don’t feel like sharing.

Erica: I will however submit this photo


Me: Oh. I’m a shoe in.


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