Will Work For Wine

And I’m back. I would like to pretend that my blogging absence has been because Lena Dunham discovered me as her new bestie and we are frolicking through New York City with our pals Jessa, Marnie and of course Shoosh. But no. Instead I was laid off due to company downsizing and now slinging drinks full time.

After the lay off I did a whole ‘why me’ and career path evaluation and I am happy to inform you I still don’t know what the eff I am doing or going to do. All I know is that Boy Meets World is on from 9am to 12pm, I have time to cook yummy and healthy meals, I enjoy taking the pups to the park and making fun of Kim Kardashians weight gain.


So I will blog and continue to wench my way in the bar scene until I figure this one out. Stay thirsty my friends. Literally…or I won’t make rent.


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