Twin After the Denist

So a few weeks ago my twin (Bird Legs) had all four of her wisdom teeth taken out. I had the honor of keeping her entertained, driving her home, pumping her with pain meds and of course documenting the whole way.

Bird Leg’s appointment was set for 9:30am and she didn’t go in until two hours after. During that time we were hit on by the receptionist who used to be a standup comedian (literally). His pickup lines were inappropriate and not funny but definitely worth fake laughing to…these self-esteems aren’t going to boost themselves. Then we heard him using the same lines on another girl. Whatevs.

Meanwhile in the waiting room, I had a minor panic attack when I returned from the restroom to see a woman licking her boney fingers and flipping through my clean, crisp and unread pages of my own personal and new magazine. I shot her unsuccessful ‘bitch-that’s-my-Rachael-Ray-magazine and bitch-that’s-my-‘sammie’-recipe-you-just-stole’ looks. I eventually snagged the magazine back after she got up to use the restroom. Ha. Suck on that EVOO.

Then Bird Legs was called back to go over everything, where we were left for 45 minutes without adult supervision.


Bird Legs pretending to be passed out.


She was susposed to be pretending to be passed out again…fail.


Again, unsupervised with gadgets and gizmos. Bad move Doc.


After everything was said and done Bird Legs was finally called in and slightly nervous about going under she looked at me for words of encouragment and I left her with: Hope you don’t get felt up.

Then this almost happened…again.


So after a long drive home and lots of confusion and tears. She was doped up and feeling better. How presh is this…


Oh and this happened.


Considering I may get my butt kicked for posting this, I will post a pretty picture of her.

20712_10102730075877934_1277782784_nHa. Just kidding. Thats me.


Looooveee you Bird Legs.


Snark ya later.



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