BILF List 2012

I played basketball in the 7th and 8th grade. I was on the B team and scored once, needless to say I never really formed a connection with the sport like I did with soccer and volleyball. However, I once named two ‘pet’ baby deer after Sam Cassell and Clyde Drexler, so I am not a complete idiot when it comes to Basketball.

When Manfriend and I started dating I realized that his favorite sport was something I should try to get to know. So how does one girl learn to become interested in basketball? By composing a list of BILFS. Below you will find a list of 10 players with my personal non sports related opinions and Manfriends thoughts on the subject.

1. New York Knicks-Tyson Chandler:

He looks very down to Earth and sweet. I feel like Ty and I would watch movies and snuggle as we quoted lines from our favorite movies.



Hey ma! The meatloaf!

Manfriend: A former NBA Defensive Player of the Year, T-Chan will forever hold a spot in my heart for anchoring the Maverick’s front line during their championship run. Manfriend approved.

2.Chicago Bulls- Kyle Korver:

He looks like Ashton Kutcher…


but hopefully lacks the Ashton Kutcher dbag gene.

Film Set: 'Friends with Benefits'

Side note: I think Kyle is trying to tell us something ladies…


5 Dollar foot longs at Subway.

Manfriend: Deadly from the outside, and probably from the inside…of his heart. I’m reading way too deep into this. I like the Bulls and Korver is as solid a role player as there is in the league.

3. Houston Rockets- James Harden:

Obviously I am going to post a Houston Rockets player. Reason we should watch him:


That beard.


Manfriend: Finally getting his chance as the go-to guy for a team. Crumby the way it worked out in OKC for him, but hey, when you have a chance at multiple championship runs, you have to do what’s not best for your team.

4. LA Clippers-Chris Paul:  

Those eyes. I mean…come on.


Ok we get it…you’re adorable.


Manfriend: Even though he is the best point guard in the league, I still can’t get past when he punched that dude in the nuts while playing for Tech. Sigh…Lob City…I can’t quit you…

5.  Orlando Magic-J.J. Redick:

He’s redick-lously good looking.


SHAME ON YOU MANFRIEND for hiding J.J. from me.


Manfriend: Automatically loses points for being a Duke grad. And yet…I want him on my team. An amazing jumper and range from deep will allow me to overlook your crappy college choice.

6. Chicago Bulls- Derrick Rose:

I really question Kim K’s relationship choices, especially when she had other NBA players to consider.


But hey, I guess Kanye will do for now…


More ugly cry faces…



ugly cry


Sorry I lost track…where were we? Oh yes. Hi.


Manfriend: One of five guys in the NBA where I say “Crap…he’s in town. I need to find tickets.” Easily one of the five best players in the league and entertaining as hell to watch in person. Probably for the best that Kim K. didn’t pursue him. She would have ruined him.

7. Denver Nuggets- Danilo Gallinari:

I’ll be honest, I didn’t realize there was a basketball team in Denver. I am officially a Nuggets fan. Oh Danny boy…


Seriously how did you get so damn cute?


Manfriend: Getting his due in Denver after playing for the Knicks. I feel like I’m better looking though. My gut very attractively sticks out from my white shirt, so I win. I win!

8. San Antonio Spurs- Tiago Splitter:

Tiago pretty.


Tiago happy.


Tiago sad.


Manfriend: Who the effing eff is this guy? I know the Spurs are famous for stocking up European players…and he does give them minutes and a few points…but I’m not invested in him. At all.

9. Miami Heat-Dwyane Wade:

I mean…



Me: DW is really good looking.

Manfriend: Yeah, he also cheated on his wife with–

Me: —I thought you were better than this.

Manfriend: Better than what?

Me: Celebrity gossip. Don’t ruin this for me.


Manfriend: Cheater cheater pumpkin eater. Your NBA Finals MVP doesn’t make up for your sexual indiscretions, second cousin of Ron Mexico. Your good looks and elite level of play don’t make up for the fact that nobody outside Miami likes you. Jerk.

10. LA Lakers-Dwight Howard:

Bow tie and tortoise glasses, fake lenses or not. He’s adorbs.


And doesn’t take himself seriously…

imagesCANFM4RC imagesCAAJ0YLJ imagesCA99A93S imagesCA0I3PY1

Then bam.


Manfriend: Shaq was immature, but knew when to step up. I don’t know if Howard has that level yet. Until you match his titles, you are no Superman, Mr. Howard. Leave the cape at home.

A big thank you to my NBA loving roomie and friend SA for sending me their favorites. Without you, hours of online Googling would have not been possible. Thank you ladies.


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