New Music: Rhye

Like I said in my about me section, I love music and good music. If you don’t think this is good, then to each their own and that will be my philosophy from here on out. Also if you have any tunes that you think I should listen to, let me know!

After much digging and researching, it was obvious Rhye did not want to be found easily. But my desk job procrastination has paid off and wah lah! Rhye is made up of a pair of dudes: Canadian electronic musician Mike Milosh, whose solo work is pretty interesting and definitely worth listening to. And the other bro is Robin Hannibal musician and producer of the Danish pop duo Quadron. By the by, rumour has it that Adele’s favorite band is Quadron (did you see what I did there?). These two joined forces and made a few songs; they chose to keep a low profile to really focus on the music and such. Hint hint Justin Beibs and T Swift.

Don’t let the androgynous lead vocal trick you; this male falsetto is absolutely haunting and beautiful. There is something about the slow beat and base that make you want to curl up on your full sized bed with a cup of coffee and reenact a Calvin Klein underwear ad with your main squeeze while it rains outside. Sounds like a job for hipsters. Not to mention the video is somewhat sad and leaves you feeling much like the lead male-very womp wompy.



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