Celebrating Every Pregnancy

By the time this post has published, Chris and I will be heading to our second ultrasound for baby number 2. Yes, we have been hiding that I have fallen pregnant once again. I have always wanted to use the term ‘fallen pregnant’, just like they do in old movies. Before I go any further, this story has a very strong chance it’s not going to have a happy ending. Read More


Waiting To Announce Your Pregnancy

Miscarriage isn’t talked about. In fact, not talking about miscarrage starts when a woman finds out she is pregnant. Most women don’t share with family and friends that they are pregnant until after they have reached 12 weeks. Why 12 weeks? That’s the “safe zone”. Read More


Finally Seeing My Son

Today was my due date. I took the day off of work and made no plans. I woke up and just let my mind and heart do whatever it wanted. I laid in bed, dusted off some of the miscarriage books I received and desperately thumbed through searching for anything on due dates. Out of the three books, only one book had a section on ‘due date’ and it was about 20 sentences. In this section, the woman that wrote the book had forgotten when her due date was. I wish I had. And then explained why her due date made her happy and that she took a moment to think about what her son would have looked like. Read More


The Impending Due Date

It’s been over 4 months. We are still breathing, we are smiling and we are laughing. Most of all we are hopeful. But this month, things have been dark, really dark.

My thoughts have included everything from ‘what’s my purpose’ to ‘why me’, to ‘ill do anything to hold him one more time’ and I mean anything. This month is my due date.

Read More