What I Learned About Support Group

I knew shortly after coming home from the hospital with empty arms and an empty womb that I needed to heal. I knew that I needed to find things that could help me through this process. So I started planting flowers and herbs. I dusted off my yoga mat. I went hiking. I colored in coloring books. Drank some wine.

But somewhere along the way, I stopped my healing processes. Read More

To Give Up or To Push On

I’ve hit a crossroads in this journey. Do I bow out and gracefully walk away from publicly sharing our loss? Or do I push forward and continue on my quest to bring awareness to the 1 in 4? My private side wants to go the easy way out, just be done. Continue to grieve in private, among our closest friends and family.

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A Response To “At Least It Happened Early”

I recently found an email in my ‘drafts’ folder that has validated my motherhood status. For those women that have miscarried their first child, a big struggle is feeling non relevant as a mother amongst her peers. Especially when the ever so popular condolence phrase is “at least it happened early”. Read More


A Happy New Year!

They say that your first year of marriage is the most difficult. But I’ll be the first to promote marriage. It’s by far the most exciting adventure of self awareness and love I have ever been on.

The first year of marriage is fun and exciting. Everything has it’s ‘first’. The first time someone calls you “Mrs.” The first wedding to attend that is not your own. The first fight. The first make up, after the first fight. Wink, wink. Read More

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Happy Father’s Day To My Husband

It just seems our world, in this moment, is saturated with so much sadness, fear and fury.

Parents being attacked publicly with pitchforks because their child fell into a gorilla cage or because their child played too closely to the water that was unknowingly infested with alligators. Rape victims not getting their justice. Fifty innocent and beautiful fellow Americans were killed. Terrifying political figures yelling on the television.

While I know that it is up to an indiviual to see the good, it’s difficult at times. My glimmer of hope is thinking of my husband on Father’s Day. Read More