A Response To “At Least It Happened Early”

I recently found an email in my ‘drafts’ folder that has validated my motherhood status. For those women that have miscarried their first child, a big struggle is feeling non relevant as a mother amongst her peers. Especially when the ever so popular condolence phrase is “at least it happened early”. Read More


A Happy New Year!

They say that your first year of marriage is the most difficult. But I’ll be the first to promote marriage. It’s by far the most exciting adventure of self awareness and love I have ever been on.

The first year of marriage is fun and exciting. Everything has it’s ‘first’. The first time someone calls you “Mrs.” The first wedding to attend that is not your own. The first fight. The first make up, after the first fight. Wink, wink. Read More

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Happy Father’s Day To My Husband

It just seems our world, in this moment, is saturated with so much sadness, fear and fury.

Parents being attacked publicly with pitchforks because their child fell into a gorilla cage or because their child played too closely to the water that was unknowingly infested with alligators. Rape victims not getting their justice. Fifty innocent and beautiful fellow Americans were killed. Terrifying political figures yelling on the television.

While I know that it is up to an indiviual to see the good, it’s difficult at times. My glimmer of hope is thinking of my husband on Father’s Day. Read More


What you should and should not say to someone who miscarried

Unfortunately, I have been in the position to receive many condolences. In the past year, I have lost my papa, my husband’s grandfather and our first-born child. Only until now, do I realize I have been guilty of ‘what not to say’ to those grieving. So let’s just say I have been inspired by my own past stupidity.

I have days where every little single comment can make me cry and I have days where I can smile and laugh at some of these comments. Today is one of those good days as I recall the ‘comforting’ phrases I have received over the last two months. Read More


DIY Organic Face Cream

I have been on this quest for ‘healing’ ever since we lost our boy. I’ve dabbled in yard work, flowers, adult coloring books, working out, yoga, hiking, organizing our messy home and just being healthier. I started to eat better and I started to feel better. Pair that with the working out and I have dropped 6 pounds of the 12 that I gained in my 4.5 months of pregnancy.

What can I say? I liked my sour cream. And lemon cakes.

Then it hit me, my skin is the largest organ I have. What am I putting on it? I used Proactiv for over 10 years and it worked! Except after having to repeatedly buy new pillowcases and towels because my skin care routine was bleaching everything my face touched. Who knew Benzoyl Peroxide is also a bleaching agent. (Right now there are like 10 of you saying “Oh I knew.” Well shut up, we aren’t all rocket scientist.) Read More